El Plan Jackson

“El Plan Jackson” is and advertisement project made in 2016 for a play written by Carlos Roma and directer by Alan Alexis. This play was part of a group of short plays with the name “Cuentos de la Calle 43” organized by the theatre company Carreteras Secundarias in the Centre Cívic Drassanes in Barcelona.
“El Plan Jackson”, 2016
Design: Marta Pinto Teixeira
March and April, 2016.
Barcelona, España
Actors: Carlos Roma
German Gómez  and Raul Ducados
Director: Alan Alexis





MAC és diferent, MAC és únic

This academic project consisted in creating a fresh new image to increase the number of schools visiting the Archeologic Museum of Catalunya. In my design “MAC és diferent, MAC és únic” was developped many options to promote de museum.
BAU, 2013
Design: Marta Pinto Teixeira

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Fishing – Chart

A pesca or “Fishing” is an academic project that begun in the info graphic class. The aim of this project was to create a chart based on a theme that we had to choose from “Eurostat yearbook 2012” and compare the informations in a visual work.
In my chart I have decided to use the fishing theme, and use it as and advantage on graphic representation. For that I used fishes instead of points and I created a line graphic so that the information would be easily noticed and compared. In a one color chart.
FBAUP, 2013
Design: Marta Pinto Teixeira



36 Days of Type

36 Days of Type is a project that invites designers, illustrators and graphic artists to give their particular view on the signs from our alphabet. 36 Days of Type of restless creativity, in which participants are challenged to design a letter or number for each day, resulting in an overall view about the ability to represent the same sign from different perspectives.” 36 days, 36 Types, 36 ideas, 36 different styles. This work was created during my internship period at the Graphic Design Studio Picmedia.
Picmedia, 2015
Design: Marta Pinto Teixeira
Art Director: David Cobos





Portuguese Sayings – Fanzine

coisa está preta is an academic project that begun in an illustration class. The aim of this project was to create a fanzine that consisted in a personal publication about a particular theme related to Rituals
The format of this work was DIN A5 and we were free to chose the support and materials. In my Zine I have decided to use the theme of Life Style, and I chose to illustrate typical Portuguese Sayings that were related with food such as: “Bread, Bread, Cheese, Cheese”, “This is for filling sausages”, “Grain by grain the chicken fills her belly”, “You are done to the steak” and some more… Due to the theme my publication uses a certain illustration style that is very plastic and expressive and from my view it gives a dynamic reading system, that is also based on visual rhythm and that relates image with editorial.
Master Project, 2014
Design: Marta Pinto Teixeira
Illustration: Marta Pinto Teixeira


Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time is an academic project that begun in the illustration class. Due to the timelessness of the Walt Disney movies, it becomes interesting for me to create a new version of the well known Memory Game based on clocks and objects related to time. This version aims to honor watches and temporal factors that influence the stories and characters behavior. The game contains 6 pairs of cards, that represent the 12 hours of analog clock, and each pair is represents a different movie.Master Project, 2014
Master Project, 2014
Design: Marta Pinto Teixeira
Illustration: Marta Pinto Teixeira


09 Once Upon a Time 14 Once Upon a Time 13 Once Upon a Time 12 Once Upon a Time 11 Once Upon a Time 10 Once Upon a Time

I am a lot of things

The main goal of this book was to tell a story, my personal story, as so I decided to add 7 different chapters in which I would tell my story from a different point of view. With this I pretended to show that every story that happened in my life influenced who I am, not only as a person but also as a designer. Each chapter is completely different and show the things that add more value at a certain period of time, since the moment I found the image for the first time until my present influences.
I believe all of these moments make who I am today and I found this chapter division the best way to represent the process of growing up. In my book I am a story teller and I make a bridge between who I was and who I am as if I was representing what I have learned by showing how it affects me today.

I am a lot of things, 2014


Design: Marta Pinto Teixeira
Curators: Eduardo Aires