El Plan Jackson

“El Plan Jackson” is and advertisement project made in 2016 for a play written by Carlos Roma and directer by Alan Alexis. This play was part of a group of short plays with the name “Cuentos de la Calle 43” organized by the theatre company Carreteras Secundarias in the Centre Cívic Drassanes in Barcelona. “El Plan Jackson”, 2016…

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Creating images began as an hobby, that with time became so big and so special for me that I had to make it my life project.

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I am a lot of things

The concept of my book was to tell a story, my personal story, as so I decided to add 7 different chapters in which I would tell my story from a different point of view. With this I pretended to show that every story that happened in my life influenced who I am, as a person and as a designer.

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