74 – Revolution

This project is conducted within our master’s degree at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Porto – FBAUP for the Course of Advanced Studies in Design Editorial, guided by professors João Martino and Miguel Almeida.
Between 1933 and 1974, Portugal was ruled by a Fascist and Totalitarian regime. Until 1970, António Oliveira Salazar met itself complete mastery of all state powers. “The fascist dictatorship created a totalitarian state and a monstrous police apparatus of espionage and repression policies which operated in all sectors of national life, depriving the Portuguese people the most basic rights and freedoms. The history of dictatorship is a story of persecution, arrests, torture, convictions of murders of those who dared to defend the rights of the people, protest, fight for freedom and better living conditions and work.”
This project aims to show an existing panorama during the Estado Novo period, highlighting all the revolutionary events leading up to the day of April 25 in Portugal. All documents present in the project were fully used only in an academic context and research.
FBAUP, 2015
Design: Marta Pinto Teixeira, Hélder SantosMarina Mota & Diana Lopes