Portuguese Sayings – Fanzine

coisa está preta is an academic project that begun in an illustration class. The aim of this project was to create a fanzine that consisted in a personal publication about a particular theme related to Rituals
The format of this work was DIN A5 and we were free to chose the support and materials. In my Zine I have decided to use the theme of Life Style, and I chose to illustrate typical Portuguese Sayings that were related with food such as: “Bread, Bread, Cheese, Cheese”, “This is for filling sausages”, “Grain by grain the chicken fills her belly”, “You are done to the steak” and some more… Due to the theme my publication uses a certain illustration style that is very plastic and expressive and from my view it gives a dynamic reading system, that is also based on visual rhythm and that relates image with editorial.
Master Project, 2014
Design: Marta Pinto Teixeira
Illustration: Marta Pinto Teixeira