I am a lot of things

The main goal of this book was to tell a story, my personal story, as so I decided to add 7 different chapters in which I would tell my story from a different point of view. With this I pretended to show that every story that happened in my life influenced who I am, not only as a person but also as a designer. Each chapter is completely different and show the things that add more value at a certain period of time, since the moment I found the image for the first time until my present influences.
I believe all of these moments make who I am today and I found this chapter division the best way to represent the process of growing up. In my book I am a story teller and I make a bridge between who I was and who I am as if I was representing what I have learned by showing how it affects me today.

I am a lot of things, 2014


Design: Marta Pinto Teixeira
Curators: Eduardo Aires